About me


Hello there, my name is Elvis. I’m a researcher interested in e-commerce in Kenya and Information Systems in developing regions. I completed my Master’s degree in Information Systems at USIU-Africa with a concentration in Business Information Systems.

My thesis explored the suitability of a crowd-sourcing model for Last-mile Delivery in Nairobi, Kenya. Crowdsourcing refers to an umbrella term that involves the bringing together of people by issuing a collective call to commit and contribute to a particular task. E-commerce logistics has proven to be a challenge in the African region due to challenges such as poor road infrastructure, traffic congestion, and the lack of a national addressing system in Kenya. My study intends to investigate the current state of Last-mile Delivery in Kenya, the challenges of Last-mile Delivery in Kenya and develop and test a crowdsourcing model for Last-mile Delivery.

I enjoy photography, videography, and web design. Please check out the projects page for the work I have done.


I am open to collaborations and opportunities in e-commerce research/crowdsourcing in developing regions. If your research/interest matches with mine, please send me an email at